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InDepth Slot Reviews

InDepth Slot Reviews

Plus I will endeavor to gain some stats to add to the value of each game review. Each review will take the form of a short descriptor – number of reels, lines, bonus games, coin sizes etc etc (if you are lost look here: Video Slots )

I’ll then go into depth about the playing experience. How often the reels hit, what sort of game it is, what was great – what was awful; and try and provide a unique non visual experience to help you choose the games you play before you play them. Playing slots should be done for the enjoyment of it. If you’re going to pump money into a slot machine do so with a goal of entertainment in mind.

Really – it’s the only way to play. So if you happen to win a huge amount – that’s just cream. The final goal should be to always have a great deal of fun. So go forth and conquer the spinning reels my friends. The following pages will help you to get there, and who knows … you could be the next player to take home a fortune from Platinum Play, or Royal Vegas casinos – just like some of the players featured within this site.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Israelis Are Actually A Gambling People

A survey conducted by Credit Information Association, reports in the Israeli business publication Globes that Israelis spend NIS 10 billion a year on gambling. In per capita expenditure with regard to legal gambling activities, Israeli gamblers have already overtaken their European and US counterparts. On average, Europeans spend $135 a year and Americans spend on average $250. Israelis however, spend an average of $440 a year.

The NIS 10 billion spent on gambling may be broken up with NIS 3.5 billion being spent on the regular lottery draw and tickets for Toto sports betting. An additional NIS 1.5 billion is also a portion of legal bets that are placed through the Internet and by means of cellular networks. In addition to the above it is estimated that Israelis spend an additional NIS 5 billion a year in Israel and overseas, on illegal gambling activities.

The typical legitimate Israeli gambler lives in the city and is 40-60 years old.

He has an average income and regularly buys lotto lottery tickets, TDB Hish Gad (scratch card) lottery cards, Toto sports betting tickets, and Chance lottery draw tickets. Thirty percent of those regularly buying Lotto, Toto and Hish Gad tickets are players aged 16-35.