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Mega Fortune Jackpot

Mega Fortune Jackpot

Mega Fortune is a very popular slot made by Swedish casino game maker Net Entertainment. You can play Mega Fortune and attempt to win its jackpot at numerous online casinos due to the slot’s popularity.

There are in fact 3 different jackpots of varying sizes on Mega Fortune – Mega, Major and Rapid.

 Mega Jackpot

The Mega jackpot is a “pooled” jackpot, meaning that it is shared by all casinos that offer this game, and thus it grows quickly and easily reaches multi-million Euro values. An expected win is in the region of €4,000,000!

The Mega jackpot value starts at €1 000 000, so even if someone just won the jackpot from jackpot city/ and it’s started over, you will still win a life-changing amount and join the ranks of millionaires.

Major Jackpot

The Major jackpot is a local jackpot and is this not shared across casinos. It is subsequently smaller, but much easier to win on the other hand. It starts at €5,000.

Rapid Jackpot

The Rapid Jackpot is similar to the Major jackpot, but even smaller and easier to win as it starts at €50. Don’t expect to become a millionaire, but you might be able to buy that new computer or flat screen that you’ve been eyeing, or go on a really nice vacation with all expenses paid.

Current Jackpot Values

Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Bonuses come in a variety of forms – Most of which could be easily designated as percentage or match bonuses. Match bonuses mean that the online caisno will deposit (match) the same amount of your deposit into your account. Percentage bonuses mean the casino cashier will deposit a percentage of your deposit into your account.

In addition to match/percentage bonuses, many online casinos are now offering more innovative bonuses to keep up with the times. For instance, an online casino recently started offering a bonus that gives back a percentage of one’s losses. In keeping with the percentage theme (but giving it a twist), players would get back 1% for each year they have been alive. Therefore, if you are forty years old, you would be entitled to receiving 40% back on your losses.

While this example of an innovative bonus does not paint the big picture, it does, however, show there are more and more bonus promotions being offered these days. The thing to remember is that each bonus is always going to have terms and conditions. Remember, all bonuses sound better than they really are. For instance, the bonus mentioned above may only be offered on one gambling session and may have limits imposed. Always read the terms and conditions (which could be like this) over before signing up.