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Online Casino Sweetens Deal With Sweet Car

Online Casino Sweetens Deal With Sweet Car


This particular slot machine at this online casino is the most frequently won of at the online casinos apart of the Cryptologic family, and is bringing in large amounts of traffic for the Intercasino as the massive jackpot is predicted to hit in the next few days. Thousands of people are hoping to be the one to hit the right combination and win the over 2.1 million dollar jackpot that will also set them up for the bonus win of a flashy BMW sports car convertible.

This online casino’s slot machine is known for turning out some big wins, with the last winner hitting the 1.7 million dollar jackpot after a simple ninety cent bet and a spin of the reels. The next lucky winner has the choice to take the car, or if they rather not add to the current pollution problem, can exchange the car for its thirty-five thousand dollar worth in cash and go an purchase one of the globe friendly hybrid cars that are currently on the market.

Cessation Of e-Wallet Service Confirmed By Casino Spokesman

With the recently announced withdrawal the e-wallet EcoCard from the United States market, yet another form of service allowing for online gambling money deposits has been removed from use by US players.

It has been a number of weeks now that there have been rumors as well as reports of the possible removal of this service from the U.S. online gambling market but recently the actual move was confirmed by David Brickman, who serves as a spokesperson for the gambling group, Jackpot Factory online.

Announcing his desire to make clear the issue of the EcoCard, Brickman said that EcoCard had informed both them and the other online casinos that they would be removing themselves from the United States gaming market but that they would also be replacing their EcoCard payment option with yet a newer option. In the process the U.S. customer base was to be transferred over to this new option but that the offer to replace their me of paying would be offered to only those players with $500 or more accumulated transactions.

Brickman also said that he believed that he would have more specific information regarding this matter in the near future and that he would be sure to make it known once he had acquired it.