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Pennsylvania off to a good start Online Poker

Pennsylvania off to a good start Online Poker


The total increase in monthly revenues because of the addition of the table games was calculated at approximately six million dollars per month. The table games where introduced half way through the month and not all casinos have installed them all, yet for the short while they did run, a revenue figure of roughly 2.5 million was achieved, which indicates, that the calculations are sound.

Pennsylvanian casinos are going after current title holder of gambling capitol Atlantic City, and so far they have been successful, while AC casino’s are still hurting from the current economic climate, and appear to be losing the competition battle. While still too early in the game to determine the outcome and more players on the scene, like New Jersey and Nevada, it is safe to say that Pennsylvania is off to a great star towards reaching their goal. All good news aside, experts still warn that it is way too early in the game to properly read the figures, and plead for another month to see how the figures hold up.

There Is Now A Guaranteed $200,000 Pot When You Play In This Poker Tournament

There is now a poker tournament being held shortly before the Super Bowl for Bodog poker regulars. There will be a major incentive to play now that this betting organization is actually doubling its regular guaranteed prize poll to a very attractive minimum prize pool of $200,000.

But there is still good news and that is that a buy in still is available at $109, and then the players are given the chance to win the minimum prize of $45,000. There are three opportunities being given in which you are allowed to apply accumulated points at a particular rate at the tournament which acts to make the pot even more attractive. There is a $200K Special PTS Qualifier which pays you credits. These credits may then be applied toward buying in at any scheduled Bodog event.

For example, these credits may be applied by players to gain access say for instance, to the $200,000 tournament being offered on January 28th, along with the prizes that are regularly scheduled of $30,000, $50,000 and $70,000. If you want to compete as a regular player, you will be required to apply 400 poker points if they want to compete in the Special PTS Qualifier for $200K. This will begin at 7 p.m. (EST) on January 25th through the 27th.