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Video poker at Mansion Casino Review

Video poker at Mansion Casino Review


The better online casinos rarely can call themselves a complete online gambling solution, but in Mansion Casino, gamers are able to bet on sports, poker and mobile phone! Unlike most internet casinos, Mansion Casino is not able to be downloaded their games are only found on their site as it is their own custom built software.

Opening in a separate window loaded from the casino lobby, the games start reasonably quickly, however, the graphics aren’t as flashy as some other online casinos. Online Baccarat, online blackjack and online Caribbean Stud poker work smoothly. Extra features litter the online slots, even if the range of games are limited. Online Video Poker is probably their proudest addition with the ability to adjust the playing conditions in terms of the hands you want to play.

Withdrawals involve faxing ID to the casino for security, which is a little irritating. Withdrawals were processed quick time like double diamond online sot game (on the day, but you should allow up to three days) which is a great advantage to this site. Support is via a toll free number and via e-mail and the service is great. In conclusion, Mansion is certainly a quality ‘no download’ site, one that is sure to attract the most accomplished online gambling surfers.

Video Poker History

Video poker came about in the mid 1970s after the computer chip came to life. For the most part, players don’t recall seeing the machines out in the casinos until the 1980s.

Video poker is basically a hybrid of slot machines and five card draw poker.

Poker itself, dates back to the 1830s. A man by the name of Jonathan Green referred to the rules by calling it the cheating game. His writing states that the cheating game was being played up and down the Mississippi River on many riverboats. After Green realized that he was the first to document the game he renamed it poker. Of course all this has been greatly questioned.

Among the greatly questioned history of poker are three different major claims. Some historians believe the word poker itself, comes from the French word poque (18th century). Others believe it stems from a Hindu word pukka, others yet believe it comes from an old German game called pochspiel.

Now, video poker machines can be found just about anywhere, legally and illegally. There are many different machines yeilding many different pay-out schedules. The best machines to play are the regulated ones (legal). They will obviously have a better pay-out since they are highly regulated.